AccessMat - Beach access mat

Beach access surface


AccessMat is a lightweight and durable 100% polyester roll out matting system specifically developed to create a permanent or temporary route for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users).

AccessMat is quick to install and remove. It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all. It is available in several widths and lengths and you can easily connect mats together. Its weight of 2kg/sqm guarantees its resistance and high durability. It requires low maintenance and doesn’t retain sand within its surface that’s why technical staff loves our AccessMat!

AccessMat has been manufactured with recycled polyester fibers since 2019. AccessMat is recyclable so it reduces its impact on environment.

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Technical information

  • Color : Blue, Brown or Sand
  • Weight : 2kg/m2
  • Width : 1m - 1,53m or 1,83m
  • Length : On request
  • Can be used on sand

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Key advantages

  • Comfortable surface for barefoot users
  • No risk of fraying
  • Quick installation
  • Doesn’t retain sand
  • Recyclable



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Download our technical guide to find out more about AccessMat design, installation and maintenance

Download our accessibility guide built with our partners to help you improve beach accessibility (from car park til water)

Video of the AccessMat !

Description - Key Points

Aesthically pleasing

AccessMat® is available in both brown and blue. Visually attractive, the blue color of AccessMat® provides a highly visible surface, delineating the route particularly for people with visual impairments. It is also offered in a brown color, which blends effortlessly into the landscape.


AccessMat® offers the best quality/price ratio, satisfying our customers and exceeding their expectations. When compared to the costs required in frequent replacement and extensive installation, maintenance or repair of our competitors’ products, AccessMat® is the most economical solution on the market.

Comfortable & Safe

AccessMat® provides the safest edges, which do not require secondary finishing. This highly reduces the risk of injury to barefeet or cutting your hands when installing or removing AccessMat®. Furthermore, because our mat is manufactured with non-woven polyester material, it will not exhibit the wear and tear our competitors quickly show. Its cool surface lends to the barefoot users’ comfort, especially on those hot, sunny days! AccessMat® is simply the world’s most comfortable access mat.

Durable & Lightweight

Its durability and portability make it the perfect solution for providing pathways. It is simply the most durable access mat in the world. Please feel free to read our product characteristics to obtain more information on the mechanical and chemical resistances of the AccessMat®. The mat is created with a state of the art cross polyester reinforcement system, which ensures that proper rigidity and strength are preserved over soft terrains. Furthermore, because our mat is manufactured with non-woven polyester material, it will not exhibit the wear and tear our competitors quickly show.

Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable

This environmentally friendly product is easily installed and removed to accommodate any environmental regulations which may pertain to your beach area. Installing AccessMat® will channel the traffic and protect sensitive beach dunes. The UV stabilized polyester material is recyclable after use, reducing its environmental impact. It is also recyclable, reducing its environmental impact.

Installation & Maintenance

AccessMat® comes as a roll out matting system for a rapid and easy installation. Very lightweight, you just need to unroll your mat and anchor it down using our spikes. Several mats can easily be connected to accommodate the length of your desired pathway, thanks to its innovative, seamless and invisible to the eyes connection system. Unlike some of our competitors’ products, your mat will remain as light as upon initial installation, as sand does not accumulate within the flat polyester surface. Two people can effortlessly install a section of 30 meters in less than 10 minutes. Minimal maintenance – it can be easily cleaned by use of a broom, blower, or pressure washer – sand goes through the permeable structure of the mat and does not get stuck under the surface of the mat.

Enhance your effort for beach accessibility with AccessMat!

Your access pathway becomes a real communication tool thanks to our communication supports.
The sticker is customizable to your specific needs (logo, signage, ads, etc.).

Advantages :

• Customizable
• High exposure
• Durable
• Quick installation and removal
• Promotion of your commitment to accessibility
• Makes your investment profitable

Multiple of applications

AccessMat® can be used on: 


At the following outdoor locations :





Playground area

Water park

Ski stations


boat dock


AccessMat, customised solutions

Create pathways on your beach! Accessrec is the expert of beach access mats.
We offer customised cuts in order to adapt our AccessMat to your beach configuration.
Thus, users can move freely and take full advantage of the beach.

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People with reduced mobility can go along the sea if they want to, and not only go back and forth on the AccessMat

AccessMat, complementary solutions

Combine your AccessMat with other solutions in order to optimise your access !
To offer optimum access, you can use the AccessMat with:


AccessDeck panels are HDPE panels designed to:

• Create platforms and returning points
• Create access for heavy-duty vehicles

produits complementaires accesdeck

Sandfence is a sand fencing system designed to delimit access on your beach.

produits complementaires sandfence


We recommend the use of a landscape rake to level the beach, a hammer to pound the spikes into the sand, a broom to clean the sand off and a shovel to bury the extremity of your pathway if necessary.
AccessMat® can be used all year around as long as it is properly installed and maintained. Most of our customers only use AccessMat® during the summer season only.
AccessMat® can be used year around as long as it is properly installed and maintained. Most of our customers use AccessMat® during the summer season only.
Yes. Several mats of the same width can easily be connected to accommodate the length of your desired pathway.
Yes. Two people can easily install a section of 30 meters in only 10 minutes.
We do not recommend any vehicular traffic on top of AccessMat® as it will shorten the life span of your mat.
Using the straps delivered with AccessMat® you should be able to carry your mat and store it outside or inside until the next use. AccessMat® can be stored both horizontally and vertically.
AccessMat® includes a mat, spikes and a connector system. Please refer to our installation sheet.
If you follow our maintenance procedure AccessMat® should last approximately 5 years – again the lifespan of AccessMat® also depends on how much traffic and how many days a year it will be used. We consider a typical beach season to be 4 months.
AccessRec Europe offers a two (2) years warranty starting at the date of your Purchase Order. Please contact us for our details on this warranty.

AccessMat Installation