Marathon Hippocampe – The running wheelchair

The Marathon Hippocampe is designed for running on roads or trails (trail wheels available). Manufactured in France, this wheelchair will help you to take up sport challenges with your friends or loved ones.

marathon hippocampe
23 customer reviews (4,8/5)
  • 3 sizes available – fits all body types
  • Pool or beach wheelchair available on request
  • Autonomous user
  • Many options available
  • Adapts to all types of grounds
  • Height : 127,5 cm (Size L)
  • Length: from 175 to 198 cm (depending on sizes)
  • Width (between armrests): 56 cm
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 Kg
  • Colors: Black or red wheelchair
  • 3 sizes available – fits all body types
  • Pool or beach wheelchair available on request
  • Autonomous user
  • Many options available
  • Adapts to all types of grounds
Available in 3 sizes available, the Marathon Hippocampe fits all body types Depending on the type of ground, you can adapt the wheels of your wheelchair to allow you to move in various environments.
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My name is Emma. In December 2015, I received a service dog, Impoo. In order to be able to walk him everywhere, we’ve bought an Hippocampe wheelchair. I take long walks with him. Moreover, we live next to the sea. With this wheelchair the access is easier. I can access everywhere with this chair with my dog. The icing on the cake is that we participate in solidarity races with Impoo! Thank you for this freedom!
Emma Beack-Rigola
& Impoo
I run an organization in Japan called “Minamichita Universal Beach Project”. We help wheelchair users to take part in outdoor recreation. Since the beginning, we have used a Hippocampe With the Hippocampe beach wheelchair, we bring a smile to our users. We continue to use it for many leisure activities. The Hippocampe makes the impossible possible.
Shiori Imaeda

Un équipement conçu pour vous permettre d'accéder à tous les terrains

Move alone or with support

The Marathon Hippocampe wheelchair is an all-terrain wheelchair. You can use it alone or accompanied with its push bar and traction kit.

Comfortable and

The seat of the Marathon Hippocampe is low so it is very stable and comfortable for th user, even in fast or tight turns.

Modern and

Designed with users, sportsmen and running specialists, the Marathon Hippocampe is the ideal solution for your sport challenges.

Strong and shock resistant

The Marathon Hippocampe is designed for outdoor use.

Removable and

The running and hiking wheelchair is removable without any tools and can be transported in its travel bag.

Very light

The frame of the Marathon Hippocampe is very light which is a real asset for running competitions.

Quick and easy installation

The Marathon Hippocampe is made of three wheels, one frame and two armrests. The back of the chair can be folded and wheels can be removed. It is easily transportable and stored with its travel bag.

The Hippocampe is offered with a wide range of accessories to improve your comfort and increase your mobility. For use on hiking trails, we recomment use of special trail wheels.

I order my Marathon Hippocampe
marathon hippocampe

Accessories included:

  • Pack with back adjustable in height and inclination which includes:
    • Frame
    • Push bar
    • Height adjustable and tiltable backrest
    • Pair of armrests
    • 24′ ou 20′ marathon wheels
    • Nets et gourd



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A sport all-terrain wheelchair

Marathon Hippocampe is an all-terrain running wheelchair ideal to take up sports challenges with your family and friends. You can use it on the road but also on trails with use of trail wheels.

A practical and design solution

The frame of the Marathon Hippocampe is very light so the wheelchair is manoeuvrable for the escort. The low seat ot the wheelchair makes it comfortable and stable for the user. The Marathon Hippocampe is removable and transportable.