Sunbed accessible for all

Sunbed for people with reduced mobility

Sunbed for people with reduced mobility


Our sunbed offers 3 seating positions and enables people to relax and sunbath on the beach.

Its seat height is adapted to wheelchairs (height: 53 cm) so transfer from the wheelchair is very easy. The fabric is UV-resistant so it is always very soft for the user.

There is an integrated sunshade to protect people from the sun. It is a great solution for people with reduced mobility (wheelchair users, elderly, etc).

3 colors available (ecru, chocolate or yellow)

couleurs transat


Technical information

Dimensions of Sunbed (unfolded):

  • Length: 196 cm
  • Seat and backrest width: 73 cm
  • Seat height 53 cm
  • Sunshade length: 61 cm
  • Sunshade width: 44cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Color: ecru, chocolate or yellow


  • Sunshade: weatherproof heavy acrylic fabric (anti-mould), also available in PVC
  • Satin chemical anodization (fabric) to increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • AISI 304 stainless steel screws, nuts, washers to prevent rust
  • Tempered aluminium rivet (Ø m/m6 length m/m 15)

    Rivets transat pmr

Key advantages :

  • Seat height adapted to people with reduced mobility (53cm)
  • Sunshade to protect from the sun
  • UV-resistant: doesn’t retain heat
  • Antibacterial and mold-resistant fabric
  • 3 seating positions: patented positioning system
  • Stable: can be used on hard and soft grounds



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Description and key points:

Comfortable and safe

Our SunBed has been designed for comfort of the user which can lay dow, relax and enjoy the sun. Its sunshade protects people from the sun.


Our SunBed is a high-quality solution. It is designed and produced in Italy. Fabric is weatherproof and the frame is anti-rust.


Our SunBed is a great solution for people with reduced mobility. Its seat height is higher than standard sunbeds and the same as wheelchair seat height. They don’t need a strong effort to transfer from the wheelchair.


Our SunBed offers 3 seating positions for more comfort. Its patented adjustment system is designed to avoid injuries.


No tools are required to install the SunBed. You can simply unfold it. Fold it back for easy storage.

The different applications:

Our Sunbed can be used on soft grounds such as:



Or on hard grounds such as:




AccessRec Europe offers a two (2) year limited warranty from the date of purchase.