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Accesswood – Wooden decking for natural pathways

Accesswood is a wooden decking that allows you to create access paths on different types of soil. Once unrolled, it simplifies the flow of information.The building is designed for people with reduced mobility (PMR), while respecting the landscape integration thanks to its wooden, rough and natural aspect.

33 customer reviews (4,8/5)
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Easily adjustable and simple replacement of the slats
  • UV and sea salt resistant
  • Careful and natural design
  • 100% Made in France design and manufacturing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Color : Natural brown wood
  • Width: 0.99 m or 1.49 m
  • Length : Custom made
  • Weight per m² : 12 kg
  • Usage: Sand – Grass

Dimensions of a blade :

  • Length: 990 mm or 1490 mm
  • Width : 95 mm
  • Thickness 21 mm

Dimensions of a section :

  • Width : 0.99 m or 1.49 m for a length of 2 m
  • 18 blades per section: First blade hot stamped with our logo
  • Spacing between each blade : 15 mm

Linking of sections:

  • On sand: Exotic wood wedges and screws provided
  • On grass: Riders provided

Maximum slope percentage: 15%.

  • Easy to set up and store
  • Easily adjustable and simple replacement of the slats
  • UV and sea salt resistant
  • Careful and natural design
  • 100% Made in France design and manufacturing
  • Environmentally friendly
Accesswood’s natural brown wood color blends in perfectly with the surrounding vegetation, blending in perfectly with the landscape on the beach, in the mountains or in the garden.
+3000 customers already satisfied
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We installed Accesswood wooden gratings for access to our private beach and are very satisfied with them.
Annex Beach
The Accesswood wooden gratings are very attractive, and it’s easy to change a batten in case of breakage.
ANAO Beach

Environmentally friendly

The pine used is from responsible sources and is PEFC certified. It allows you to channel the flow of pedestrians to protect your natural areas.

Simple reconditioning and repair

In case of damage, each blade is easily replaceable, which allows to keep the product for many years and to perpetuate its investment.

Accessible to people with reduced mobility (PMR)

Adapted to PMR accessibility standards, the Accesswood can be installed on all types of loose ground (sand, grass…) and guarantees comfortable movement.

Natural design and landscape integration

Accesswood is made from 100% pine, which gives it a natural color and makes it ideal for creating beautiful walkways.

Quick installation
alone or in pairs

All you need to install the Accesswood is a screwdriver. Two people can install a 100-metre section in an hour.

Comfortable, practical and very pleasant

The grating is very comfortable for bare feet as well as for wheelchairs and strollers.

Quick and easy installation

The installation of Accesswood decking is relatively simple. After smoothing the ground, place the different sections that will make up your path. Then connect the sections together using the spacers provided.

To disassemble, unscrew the connectors and then roll up the individual sections for easier storage.

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Accessories included:

  • Installation on sand: Exotic wood wedges and screws provided to connect the sections
  • Installation on grass : Jumper provided to connect the sections
Any questions? Need help with installation?
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A wooden path for your natural spaces

Accesswood is a wooden decking to create access paths in your natural areas. This wooden grating will fit on different soils like sand or grass. The wooden path Accesswood is easily scalable and environmentally friendly. It is the ideal solution for natural pathways.



A grating designed for PRM

Wooden gratings Accesswood makes it easier for wheelchairs (PMR) and strollers, light vehicles and pedestrians. It is a natural wood path that will provide stability to users in their movement. Durable over time, it can withstand accessibility equipment such as the armchair Terrawheels.